The Total Army Sponsorship Program (TASP) is now accessible in Army Career Tracker (ACT) to assist Soldiers, Officers, and DA Civilians during the transition to their new installations for assignment. Commanders now have the ability to guarantee the successful assignment of individuals through the streamlined Sponsorship process found only in ACT.

The Total Army Sponsorship Program (TASP) ensures that Incoming Soldiers are assigned Sponsors prior to reporting to their new installations. Obtaining a Sponsor reduces the stress of reporting to a new unit, enhancing resiliency and improving readiness among Soldiers and family members. TASP functionality is available for both Active Component and Reserve TPU. Please navigate to the ACTIVE COMPONENT and RESERVE TPU pages for more helpful information..

The TASP process is outlined below:

Incoming Soldier

  • Receives Sponsor Notification and Welcome Letter
  • Receives ACT system notification to complete DA Form 5434, Sections 1,2,4,5
  • Responsible for completing DA Form 5434, Sections 1,2,4,5
  • Completes Sponsorship Surveys


  • Completes DA Form 5434, Section 3
  • Input in ACT Physical Contact Date with incoming Soldier
  • Works with Incoming Soldier throughout transition

    Unit Sponsorship Coordinator and Battalion (BN) Unit Sponsorship Coordinator

  • Responsible for identifying local sponsors
  • Sends ACT system notification and Welcome Letter to Incoming Soldier
  • Creates the Sponsor-Incoming Soldier relationship in ACT

    HHBn ensures the readiness of the Headquarters USARPAC, staff, and all attached units in order to support the USARPAC Commander's Theater Army Strategy for the Indo-Pacific.

    On Order: deploy, provide unit level command and control, and sustainment support to deployed USARPAC elements while sustaining support to the Main Command Post (MCP) in garrison or under continuity of operations conditions (COOP).


    LTC Stephen T. Skells

    LTC Stephen T. Skells