Wargaming tests & validates operational design and plans.

We utilize wargaming to clarify implications of campaigning actions, operation and strategic gaps as well as contributes to the Joint Campaign of Learning with Pacific Fleet's Global wargame.


UPWS drives enhanced understanding of the operational environment in the Department of Defense's priority theater and against the pacing threat for joint commanders and staff by studying the implications of our strategic environment.

UPWS produces analysis and insights that inform joint campaigning, planning refinement, capability investments, concept development, and posture efforts. 

UPWS informs Army force design and force development activities, including experimentation and testing in and out of the region, to provide Army forces within theater-tailored capabilities at the time and place of need.



Unified Pacific Wargame Series is a series of rigorous, strategic and operational, computer-aided wargames designed to provide critical insights into our contribution to joint warfighting concepts in the Indo-Pacific. The Chief of Staff of the Army-sponsored USARPAC-led event is supported by senior leaders from the Department of Defense, Department of State, the joint force and the total Army enterprise. Unified Pacific builds upon lessons learned from previous wargames and provides crucial insights to improve our ability to defend the U.S. homeland and maintain a free and open Indo-Pacific.