Warfighting generates readiness at echelon - across time - to provide landpower at time of need: across day-to-day Campaigning, Crisis, and Conflict.

We integrate experimentation to develop and test future capabilities and formations while concentrating on training forward - physically and intellectually - in the region. 



We utilize WFX to trains Corps & Divisions experiments with warfighting capabilities and concepts, pushing the envelope and looking for outcomes that identify potential gaps as well as logistical and force structure needs. WFX 23-1 introduced the first Asia-Pacific scenario outside the Korean Theater of Operations, presenting a number of complicated problem sets for the training audience.





We include experimentation in every training event we conduct. We contribute to future readiness by partnering with Army Futures Command's Project Convergence in support of USINDOPACOM's Pacific Multi-Domain Training and Experimentation Capability, PMTEC, to experiment in the region's unique conditions and inform Joint and Army Concepts. Project Convergence is an opportunity for collaboration, experimentation and a way of informing how we fight. 



Indo-Pacific Command's bi-annual joint table-top exercise certifies USARPAC as a 4-star Combined Joint Task Force for the Joint Force Commander. 



The Joint Pacific Multinational Readiness Center is the Army's Combat Training Center in the Pacific theater, training Army, joint, ally and partner forces in the region and under the conditions in which they will most likely operate - from tropic, jungle, eight-island archipelago in Hawaii to the extreme cold weather, high altitude arctic Alaska. JPMRC generates joint readiness and ensures our forces remain available to the Joint Force.