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NEWS | May 16, 2024

LANPAC 2024: Indo-Pacific Alliance Strengthened through Strategic Collaboration and Coalition Building

By Maj. Sara Ingrao 5th Security Force Assistance Brigade

The Commander's Corner presentation at the LANPAC 2024 event, held on May 16, was a pivotal showcase of strategic collaboration and forward-thinking in the Indo-Pacific. Colonel Brandon Teague, commander of the 5th Security Force Assistance Brigade (5SFAB), and Lieutenant Colonel Rob Smith, commander of the 3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland (3SCOTS), detailed the progression and successes of their units' collaboration.

During the presentation Col. Teague emphasized the foundational role of partnerships in their operations. "The end state is no war and a free and open Indo-Pacific. The 5SFAB and 3SCOTS get after that in three ways; participation in the Joint Pacific Multinational Readiness Center (JPMRC), Operation Pathways, and the biggest one is joint interior lines. The tyranny of distance is large, and our persistent presence forward helps build those interior lines and holds that key terrain, and we can't do that without our partners at the 3SCOTS."

The 5SFAB and 3SCOTS commanders discussed past initiatives and future strategies that exemplify the power of joint training, technology integration, and interoperability. Their partnership has been instrumental in bolstering security and readiness in the Indo-Pacific, highlighting their collective efforts during the recent JPMRC rotation in fall 2023.

Lt. Col. Smith shared insights into the strategic alignment and comprehensive approach taken by the coalition. "Wars are fought and won on land, including in a region dominated by two oceans; Security Force Assistance is a key component to enabling this," he said. He further emphasized the importance of continuous partnership, "Relationships are central; building and maintaining a strong partnership with 5th SFAB is at the core of our approach."

The commanders also touched on the integration of emerging technologies that enhance operational capabilities and interoperability among allied forces. These technological advancements are not only reshaping how forces operate but also improving their effectiveness in joint operations.

A significant focus of the discussion was on the forward posture and crisis response readiness. The persistent forward presence of equipment and forces, as highlighted by Col. Teague, allows for a rapid response to emerging threats, maintaining stability in the region.

The presentation underscored the importance of building and maintaining robust partnerships and coalitions as essential to the security and stability of the Indo-Pacific region. The commanders' dialogue at LANPAC 2024 reaffirmed the commitment of the 5SFAB and 3SCOTS to continue their collaborative efforts, setting a strategic framework for future operations and engagements in the region.

LANPAC continues to serve as the premier forum for military leaders, government officials, and industry representatives to gather and share ideas, enhancing regional stability and security. The insights shared by Col. Teague and Lt. Col. Smith at this year’s Commander’s Corner have certainly contributed to the overarching goals of USARPAC and the broader objectives of maintaining a free and open Indo-Pacific.