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NEWS | May 16, 2024

Dear NCOS’s, Let's Continue to Evolve.

By Staff Sgt. Shanae Garrett U.S. Army Pacific

The Land Forces Pacific (LANPAC) Symposium is a professional development forum sponsored by the Association of the United States Army (AUSA). This multilateral event was held in Honolulu, Hawaii on May 14 2024.

A key event established at LANPAC24 is the Senior Enlisted Leader Forum (SELF). The forum provided international senior leaders a concrete platform to discuss the importance of non-commissioned officers (NCOs) throughout the Indo-Pacific region. NCOs maintain a constant presence with allies and partners which increases interoperability and allows for the Theater Army to be integrated in the region.

SELF panel members discussed how NCOs throughout the Indo-Pacific will need to continuously stand versatile to new challenges, such as emerging technologies, asymmetric warfare, and regional security dynamics.

Regimental Sgt. Maj. of the Australian Army, Kim Felmingham, shared the importance of the evolving role of NCOs, while maintaining adaptability. “The need for NCO’s to be adaptive, innovative and optimistic remains extant… It remains surprising to me also, that a number of decision makers believe wars are being revolutionized by technology, reducing the need for boots on the ground…” said Felmingham.

NCOs play a critical role in the Indo-Pacific region. Non-commissioned officers are on the ground throughout the theater where they live, train, where they learn alongside partners and allies at all echelons to foster and leverage relationships and interoperability. The agility of our leaders’ aid in the completion and success of all missions.

While highlighting the importance of NCO leadership, training, and trust, United States Forces Korea Command Sgt. Maj. Jackie H. Love stated, “...our profession is built on mutual trust, it is truly the bedrock of our profession… trust is earned in drops and lost in buckets.”

Non-Commissioned Officers leading from the front prove daily that non-transactional subject matter exchanges, dependable and honest relationships with partner and allied nations are the foundation for a networked architecture.

The discussions of strategies and initiatives aimed at enhancing NCO leadership skills, fostering mentorship programs, and empowering NCOs to effectively guide and inspire their subordinates will ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific.