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NEWS | July 17, 2021

US Army launches Patriot missiles during Exercise Talisman Saber 21

By Lt. Col. Craig Childs U.S. Army Pacific Public Affairs Office

QUEENSLAND, Australia -- U.S. Army Pacific Air and Missile Defense units working with Australian Defence Force counterparts completed the first-ever Patriot surface-to-air missile firing on Australian soil during Exercise Talisman Sabre 21 in the Shoalwater Bay Training Area in Queensland, Australia, July 16, 2021.

In the historic first, Soldiers based in Japan and Guam from 38th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, 94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command, successfully engaged drone targets with Patriot missiles as part of TS 21, Australia’s largest military exercise with the U.S.

Australian and U.S. Forces combine biannually for Talisman Sabre - a key exercise supporting the Indo-Pacific Pathways initiative to advance a free and open Indo-Pacific by strengthening relationships, building trust and interoperability among allies and partners.

This year’s iteration involves more than 17,000 participants from seven nations in a month-long multi-domain exercise that aims to strengthen military capabilities to respond to the full range of Indo-Pacific security concerns.

In addition to the U.S. and Australia, this year’s exercise involves participating forces from Canada, Japan, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea, and the United Kingdom and delegations from India, Indonesia, France, and Germany will observe the exercise

The exercise includes force preparation (logistic) activities, amphibious landings, ground force maneuvers, urban operations, air combat and maritime operations. Activities will peak from 18 - 31 July across Queensland.

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