1 - 1940 - Pacific fleet based at Pearl Harbor as deterrent over objections of Admiral James Richardson

3 - 1942 - sub "Swordfish" evacuated 12 Army nurses from the Philippines. There were over 100 killed, 66 captured (but well-treated), while 21 escaped. They were presented medals in a White House ceremony. Following their exemplary actions, FDR signed the Rogers Bill on May 15, creating the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps on May 22 

3 - 1945 - Army forces land at Santa Cruz, Davao Gulf, Philippines.

4 - 1942 - Battle of the Coral Sea (4-8 May) commences.

6 - 1940 - Francis Sayre sent to Tokyo for talks with Foreign Minister Arita - FDR declared Sayre initiative for nonaggression pact was "unauthorized" 

6 - 1942 - U.S. surrender of Philippines to Japanese

8 - 1942 - Battle of the Coral Sea (4-8 May) ends. This is the first battle in modern naval history in which opposing warships did not exchange a shot; all damage was inflicted by carrier aircraft.

8 - 1943 - A Joint Strategic Plan approved at Cairo. It creates three commands: South Pacific to Philippines (assigned to GEN MacArthur); Central Pacific to Formosa (assigned to ADM Nimitz); and China to Hong Kong, B-29 Bases (GEN Chiang Kai-shek). Later, this latter is extended to Burma (under GEN Stilwell).

9 - 1941 - Japan-Thailand Treaty threatens Burma and Malay

9 - 1945 - Secretary of War Henry Stimson's Interim Committee met to recommend use of the atomic bomb.

10 - 1945 - Army troops are landed at Macajalar Bay, Mindanao, Philippines, by naval attack group.

11 - 1943 - Army troops land on Attu, Aleutian Islands; landing is covered by naval forces.

12 - 1944 - The first major contingent of WACs (526 enlisted women and 114 officers) arrived in Sydney, Australia, for duty in the Southwest Pacific Area. 

16 - 1940 - Sayre advised FDR that Japan willing to negotiate and wanted to "retire gracefully" from burdensome China war

17 - 1944 - Army troops land at Wakde-Toem area, New Guinea. In the China-Burma Theater, GEN Stilwell captured Myitkyina but remained under siege by Japan until August 3.

22 - 1951 - 4th CCF attack - CCF commander Peng Teh-huai ordered by Mao "win a quick victory if you can; if you can't, win a slow one." - drove Ridgeway back to Seoul by May 

25 - 1945 - The last Tokyo raid north and west of the Imperial Palace 

26 - 1998 - 196th Infantry Brigade is reactivated during a ceremony at Ft. Shafter, Hawaii. The new unit works with Reserve Component units in Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, American Samoa, and Japan, to assist these units in staying trained and ready at all times. The Brigade stands up four battalions: one located in Oahu; a second in Alaska; and a third in Guam. The Support Battalion, stood up in 2000, is stationed in Oahu. 

27 - 2001 - The terrorist organization, Abu Sayyaf Group, raids the Filipino Dos Palmas Resort on Palawan Island and kidnaps 17 Filipinos and three Americans, including missionaries Martin and Gracia Burnham. 

30 - 1943 - Organized Japanese resistance ends on Attu, Aleutian Islands.

30 - 1950 - Syngman Rhee lost elections, about to lose control of SK government.



United States Army Pacific postures and prepares Army forces, sustains and protects those forces in the theater, sets the theater, support the development of an integrated multi-domain Joint force, and builds military relationships that strengthen alliances and develop partner defense capacity in order to promote a free and open Indo-Pacific.


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