1 - 1921 - Hawaiian Division formed

2 - 1942 - Japanese troops land at Zamboanga, Mindanao, Philippines.

2 - 1943 - Battle of the Bismarck Sea (2-5 March) opens as United States Army and Australian aircraft bomb 8 Japanese transports escorted by 8 destroyers in Bismarck Sea en route to Lae, New Guinea. Aircraft and motor torpedo boast attacks continue until all transports and four destroyers are sunk.

8 - 1942 - Japanese forces invade Lae and Salamaua, New Guinea. Japanese occupy Rangoon, Burma.

10 - 1942 - Japanese invade Finschhafen, New Guinea.

10 - 1945 - In the early hours of the morning, 334 B-29s dropped 2,000 tons of incendiaries on Tokyo. The firebombing burned over 15 square miles of Tokyo and killed about 100,000. One million citizens were homeless from the incident.

10 - 1950 - CIA predicted NK attack in June - Charles Willoughby, G-2 in Asia, filed 1195 reports to MacArthur in 12 months after June 1949, reported massive buildup of NK troops on border, large numbers Chinese troops of Korean descent entered NK, but MacArthur ignored the reports, said May 1950: "I don't believe a shooting war is imminent 

11 - 1942 - Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur, Rear Adm. F. W. Rockwell, and party leave Corregidor, the Philippines, in four PT boats of the Manila Squadron to Mindanao, and then fly in a B-17 to Australia , arriving March 17 in Melbourne 

14 - 1941 - new consul Kita arrives in Hawaii 

15 - 2005 - Following a one-year deployment to Afghanistan, Maj. Gen. Eric T. Olson, Commander of the 25th Infantry Division (Light) and his staff returned to Hawaii. Maj. Gen. Olson commanded Joint Task Force 76, an allied command of over 18,000 personnel representing 18 countries. CJTF-76's mission included the continued pursuit and destruction of Al-Qaeda and Taliban remnants while coordinating and continuing the humanitarian operations. 

16 - 1945 - Iwo Jima, Volcano Islands, is declared secured. Army forces supported by destroyer gunfire land on Basilan Island, Sulu Archipelago, Philippines.

18 - 1945 - Army troops are landed on southeast coast of Panay, Philippines, by naval task group.

23 - 1942 - Japanese occupy Andaman Islands, Bay of Bengal.

23 - 1979 - U.S. Army Western Command (WESTCOM) established as major command for Hawaii. WESTCOM takes command of U.S. Army Support Command, Hawaii. 

24 - 1942 - Japanese bombardment of Bataan begins 

25 - 1942 - MacArthur awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his defense of the Philippines 

26 - 1945 - Army forces are landed on Kerama Retto, Ryukyu Islands, by naval attack group. Army forces are landed at Talisay Point, Cebu, Philippines, by Naval attack group.

27 - 1922 - Fort Weaver established

27 - 1945 - Army troops, supported by destroyers and motor torpedo boats, land on Caballo Island near Corregidor, Luzon, Philippines.

29 - 1941 - Anglo-American staff produce ABC-1 plan for Pacific defense with China

29 - 1995 - The first elements of the 25th Infantry Division (Light) redeploy from Haiti. At the end of the mission, over 3,700 Soldiers from the division served in Haiti. 

30 - 1942 - Christmas Island is occupied by Japanese forces.



United States Army Pacific postures and prepares Army forces, sustains and protects those forces in the theater, sets the theater, support the development of an integrated multi-domain Joint force, and builds military relationships that strengthen alliances and develop partner defense capacity in order to promote a free and open Indo-Pacific.


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