1 - 1942 - World War II - Japanese troops entered Manila

1 - 1946 - Japanese Emperor Hirohito disclaimed his divinity in a New Year's message to the Japanese people. This represented a significant break with Japan's traditional past and reflected the impact of Gen. Douglas MacArthur's reform efforts.

1 - 1951 - Korean War - Throughout the month of January - "great debate" by 82nd Congress over Truman's December 19, 1950 declaration of a national emergency in Korea.

More: They debate wartime controls, increasing in U.S. troops for NATO to six divisions with Ike in command, a $50 billion defense budget, doubled air groups to 95, increase Army to 3.5 million troops, and a Japanese peace treaty. They also discuss the admission of Greece and Turkey to NATO and adding new bases in Libya, Saudi Arabia, Spain. Hearings are held on Kenneth Wherry's Resolution 8 to require congressional authorization of any troops for NATO.

1 - 1961 - Ladd Field, Alaska, is transferred to the U.S. Army and renamed Fort Wainwright.

1 - 1966 - Vietnam War - The 3rd Brigade of the 25th Infantry Division begins Operation BLUE LIGHT. 

1- 1967 - Vietnam War - The 4th and 25th Infantry Divisions begin Operation SAM HOUSTON along the Laotian border.

1 - 1975 - U.S. Army CINCPAC Support Group (USACSG) formed as Department of the Army Field Operating Agency, U.S. Army Support Command Hawaii assigned to FORSCOM.

2 - 1942 - World War II - Manila and Cavite, Philippines, fall to the Japanese.

2 - 1943 - World War II - The 32nd Infantry Division captures Buna Mission on New Guinea. That same day on Guadalcanal, HQ, XIV Corps is activated. 

2 - 1944 - World War II - The 126th Infantry Regiment of the 32nd Infantry Division lands at Saidor on New Guinea under the cover of Navy cruisers and destroyers.

3 - 1950 - Korean War - The Eighth U.S. Army evacuates the South Korean capital of Seoul.

3 - 1959 - Alaska becomes the 49th state.

4 - 1943 - World War II - The final echelon of the 25th Infantry Division (the 161st Infantry Regiment) arrives on Guadalcanal.

5 - 1942 - World War II - U.S. and Filipino forces complete their withdrawal to a new defense line on the Bataan Peninsula.

6 - 1942 - World War II - Japanese amphibious force occupies Brunei Bay, Borneo.

6 - 1967 - Vietnam War - The 9th Infantry Division begins Operation PALM BEACH in the IV Corps region of Vietnam.

8 - 1920 - Siberian Expedition - United States troops of the American Expeditionary Force begin their withdrawal from eastern Russia (Vladivostok).

More: Bolshevik troops capture Omsk, Siberia on February 7, and then attack Nikolaevsk in eastern Russia in March 1920, resulting in the deaths of 700 Japanese troops and civilians and 6,000 Russian civilians. Allied troops complete their withdrawal from eastern Russia in April 1920, although Japanese troops remained in eastern Russia until October 1922.

8 - 1967 - Vietnam War - The 1st and 25th Infantry Divisions, along with the 173rd Airborne Brigade and the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment begin Operation CEDAR FALLS in the Iron Triangle.

More: The objective of the operation is to destroy Vietnamese Communist (Vietcong) base camps in the Iron Triangle. Americans commanders hope Vietcong forces will stand and fight. Planners develop the operation as a classic "Hammer and Anvil" operation and it includes a number of U.S. and Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) divisions. The operation uncovers large caches of arms and other equipment, although the Vietcong choose not to fight. The operation claims 750 Vietcong Killed in Action, as opposed to 72 American deaths and 11 ARVN casualties.

9 - 1942 - World War II - Japanese troops break through poorly defended Mt. Natib, the Philippines. 

9 - 1944 - World War II - U.S. Army forces land in the Lingayen Gulf area of the Philippines. The same day, on Bougainville, elements of the Americal Division continue the relief of the 3rd Marine Division. 

9 - 1945 - World War II - The Sixth U.S. Army begins the liberation of Luzon by landing on the shores of Lingayen Gulf.

9 - 1995 - First elements of the 25th Infantry Division (Light) arrive in Haiti for Operation UPHOLD DEMOCRACY.

More: The division headquarters serves as the Multinational Force staff furnishing support and direction to the United Nations force composed of members of 27 countries with the 2nd and 3rd Brigades and other division elements furnishing security in several parts of the country.

10 - 1942 - World War II - In the Philippines, Japanese military leaders make their first demand for the surrender of Bataan. The Americans reject the demand. 

10 - 1943 - World War II - The 25th Infantry Division begins the largest and final offensive on Guadalcanal.

11 - 1942 - World War II - Japanese begin invasion of Netherlands East Indies by landings at Tarakan and Jesselton, Borneo; Menado and Kema, Celebes. Japan declares war on the Netherlands.

11 - 1945 - World War II - The 25th Division, now assigned to the Sixth Army, landed on Luzon at San Fabian.

12 - 1943 - World War II - A small U.S. Army force lands unopposed on Amchitka Island, the Aleutian Islands, Alaska.

12 - 1944 - World War II - The Americal Division completes its movement to Bougainville in the Solomon Islands.
More: Having been relieved by the Americal Division, the 3rd Marine Division finishes its withdrawal from Bougainville on 16 January.

12 - 2004 - Operation IRAQI FREEDOM - The 2d Brigade Combat Team (BCT), 25th Infantry Division (Light) deploys to Iraq under the command of Col. Lloyd Miles.

More: The brigade is stationed outside the city of Kirkuk, where they become engaged in peacekeeping operations and nation building projects. Rebuilding and security missions prove to be dangerous, as insurgent forces rely on the use of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and ambush tactics to attack Coalition forces. During their deployment, the "Warrior" Brigade fights and destroys insurgent forces in various cities and towns including Najaf, Huwijah, Samarra, and others. The culmination of their deployment occurs just before they are relieved, when they help support the first free elections in Iraq held in over 50 years. After a year of hard fighting, the 2d BCT returns to Schofield Barracks on 18 February 2005.

13 - 1909 - The 5th Cavalry Regiment becomes the first unit assigned to newly-constructed Schofield Barracks.

15 - 1951 - Korean War - The 27th Infantry Regiment (Reinforced) launches the Operation WOLFHOUND counter-attack near Osan, South Korea. 

15 - 1965 - Vietnam War - The first two WACs to be assigned as Advisors to the Women's Armed Forces Corps of the Republic of Vietnam arrived in Saigon - MAJ Kathleen I. Wilkes and SFC Betty L. Adams.

More: Both had extensive experience in WAC training, recruiting, administration, and command. On 15 January 1965, they arrived in Saigon and were met by Maj. Tran Cam Huong, director of the Women's Armed Forces Corps (WAFC) and commandant of the WAFC training center and her assistant, Maj. Ho Thi Ve.

17-20 - 1942 - World War II - The II Philippine Corps counterattacks against Japanese forces to restore the western portion of the Bataan defense line, but makes limited progress.

More: On 22 January, Gen. Douglas MacArthur orders his forces to fall back to the final defense line behind the Pilar-Bagac road on Bataan. That night, the Japanese try to outflank the Bataan defenders by an amphibious operation on the peninsula's west coast. U.S. Navy PT boats sink two of the Japanese troop barges. An ad hoc force that includes soldiers of the 301st Chemical Company, U.S. Navy sailors and members of the Philippine Constabulary attacks the Japanese troops who make it to shore. The II Corps begins withdrawing to the final defense line on the night of 23 January.

17 - 1991 - Operation DESERT STORM (Gulf War) - Operation DESERT STORM begins early in the morning.

More: Iraq fires eight Scud missiles into Israel in an unsuccessful bid to provoke Israeli retaliation and disrupt the anti-Iraq coalition that included many Arab nations. The 25th Infantry Division (Light) sends some troops to the Persian Gulf nearly two weeks later.

18 - 1942 - World War II - Germany, Italy, and Japan sign a new military pact in Berlin.

18 - 1945 - World War II - The XIV U.S. Corps begins its advance toward Clark Field, Luzon, the Philippines.

18 - 1966 - Vietnam War - About 8,000 US soldiers land in South Vietnam. The numbers of U.S. troops in South Vietnam now totals 190,000.

19 - 1943 - World War II - Japanese land on Wewak, New Guinea.

19 - 1966 - Vietnam War - The 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division, the Korean 2nd Marine Brigade, and the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) 47th Regiment launch Operation VAN BUREN in the 11 Corps region.

More: Their mission is to locate and destroy the North Vietnamese 95th Regiment, believed to be in the Tuy Hoa Valley. Their mission also includes protecting the rice harvest produced in the coastal region. The successful execution of these assignments results in serious enemy losses. During 20-23 January, combatants proclaim a temporary cease-fire in honor of the Lunar New Year (Tet), although minor clashes continue throughout the four-day period. During Operation VAN BUREN, one the Korean platoons of about 13 Marines wipes out an elite North Vietnamese Army (NVA) regiment. There are only two Koreans dead and more than 400 NVA soldiers dead. The Republic of Korea Marine Corps boasts a kill ratio of 24 to 1 in the Vietnam War. The combined operation claims 679 known enemy casualties. The U.S. claims 282 enemy Killed in Action, along with 66 Killed by Aircraft, 33 captured and 238 suspects detained. The combined forces seize over 100 weapons and take several caches of ammo and supplies. The 1st Brigade's casualties are 55 Killed in Action and 221 Wounded in Action.

19 - 1968 - Vietnam War - The 173rd Airborne Brigade begins Operation McCAIN in the II Corps region. 

20 - 1951 - Korean War - The 2nd U.S. Infantry Division recaptures Wonju. 

22 - 1942 - World War II - In the Philippines, the Allies receive orders from Gen. MacArthur to fall the Pilar-Bagac Road on Bataan.

More: They stop the Japanese drive and hold the enemy forces on Bataan until February. The same day, Japanese reinforcements land in the Subic Bay area, Philippines. The Japanese also land at Balikpapan, Borneo and occupy Rabaul, New Britain, and land at Kieta, Bougainville, Solomon Islands.

22- 1943 - World War II - In New Guinea, the Papua Campaign ends in a decisive defeat for the Japanese and brings the U.S. its first land victory of World War II.

More: The cost has been heavy. Of some 16,000 troops committed to the campaign by the Japanese, Allied forces bury 7,000. Australian casualties are 5,700, while U.S. casualties are 2,788.

23 - 1943 - World War II - On Guadalcanal, the 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division finishes clearing the Gifu strongpoint, ending all Japanese resistance on Mount Austen.

More: The end of the six month-long campaign for Guadalcanal is almost at hand. Fighting alongside their allies from Australia and their comrades in the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, Soldiers of America's Army in the Pacific play a key role in achieving victory in two of World War II's toughest Pacific theater campaigns in early 1943: Papua and Guadalcanal.

24 - 1942 - World War II - Japanese land at Kendari, Celebes; Kavieng, New Ireland; Subic Bay, Philippines Japanese land on Rossel Island off New Guinea.

24 - 1966 - Vietnam War - The 1st Cavalry Division begins Operation MASHER in the II Corps region of South Vietnam.

More: This was part of the first large unit joint operation to span Corps boundaries. The Americans and the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) committed the equivalent of three divisions. In addition to the 1st Cavalry Division, other American forces involved in the operations included: The Seventh Fleet, the USMC Task Force Delta, the Special Forces, and the U.S. Air Force. Each of the four major commands had their own name for their part of the operation as follows: the Army (primarily the 1st Air Cavalry) Operation MASHER, later renamed Operation WHITE WING when Washington complained about the name; the Marines Operation DOUBLE EAGLE I; the ARVN I Corps Operation LIEN KET-22; and the ARVN II Corps Operation THANG PHUONG II.

Planners hoped to do battle with the "Gold Star" or Sao Vang Division, which consisted of the 18th and 95th North Vietnamese Army Regiments, the 2d Vietcong Main Force Regiment, the 38th Independent Battalion and about 11 separate enemy companies. The area of operations was an important "rice bowl" region. All the operations concluded on different dates but by 6 March 1966, everything was finished. The operations claimed 2,389 known enemy casualties. During Operation MASHER/WHITE WING, the US 1st Cavalry Division killed 1,342 Vietcong.

26 - 1942 - World War II - In the Philippines, under heavy enemy pressure, the Philippine I and II Corps complete their withdrawal to the final defense line on Bataan. 

26 - 1945 - World War II - In the Philippines, the Sixth U.S. Army orders a rapid drive on Manila.

More: Major reinforcements for the Sixth Army arrive at Lingayen Gulf the next day as the 1st Cavalry and 32nd Infantry Divisions and the 112th Cavalry Regiment come ashore. The XI U.S. Corps secures Subic Bay, Luzon, four days later.

27 - 1906 - The U.S. Army establishes Fort Ruger at Waikiki in Hawaii. 

27 - 1973 - Vietnam War - The U.S., North Vietnam, South Vietnam and the Vietcong sign the Paris Peace Accords.

More: Under the terms, the U.S. agrees to immediately halt all military activities and withdraw all remaining military personnel within 60 days. The North Vietnamese agree to an immediate cease-fire and the release of all American POWs within 60 days. The agreement allows an estimated 150,000 North Vietnamese soldiers presently in South Vietnam to remain. Vietnam is still divided. The accords recognize South Vietnam as one country with two governments, one led by President Thieu, the other led by Viet Cong, pending future reconciliation.

28 - 1951 - Korean War - The I and IX U.S. Corps mount a full counteroffensive against the Chinese. 

29 - 1942 - World War II - Japanese land at Badoeng Island and Mampawan, Celebes.

29 -1944 - World War II - The U.S. begins an attack on the Marshall Islands 

29 - 1945 - World War II - U.S. Army forces are landed near San Antonio, northwest of Subic Bay, Luzon, Philippines, by naval attack group.

30 - 1944 - World War II - The 2nd Battalion (Reinforced), 106th Infantry 
Regiment of the 27th Infantry Division begins the invasion of Majuro Atoll in the Marshall Islands. 

30 - 1945 - World War II - U.S. Army troops are landed on Grande Island, Subic Bay, Luzon, Philippines.

30 - 1968 - Vietnam War - The infamous Tet Offensive begins.

More: Vietcong and North Vietnamese Army troops attack Saigon and two-thirds of South Vietnam's provincial capitals. Although the Communist forces suffer heavy casualties (Vietcong losses are so severe that they are almost eliminated as a military force in South Vietnam.), many see the Tet Offensive as a political and psychological defeat for the United States and a turning point in the war.

30 - 1971 - Vietnam War - The 1st Brigade of the 5th Infantry Division begins Operation DEWEY CANYON II near Khe Sanh. 

30 - 1991 - Operation DESERT STORM (Gulf War) - A force consisting of a platoon from each company from the 4th Battalion, 27th Infantry deploys to the Persian Gulf.

More: Their assignment is to act as replacements for the anticipated hard fight. However, the mission changes to protecting the forward headquarters of the Third Army as they advanced into Kuwait. The platoon from A Company receives the honor of escorting Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf into Iraq on 1 March, providing security at the truce signing ending hostilities. By 30 March, all soldiers had returned home without casualties.

31 - 1942 - World War II - Japanese land at Amboina Island, Netherlands East Indies. The same day, on Bataan, the Philippines, the 192nd Tank Battalion (less one company) moves to the west coast to help eliminate the Japanese beachhead at Quinauan Point.

31 - 1944 - World War II - The 7th Infantry Division U.S. Marines land on Kwajalein and Majuro Atoll in the Marshall Islands (297 ships with 54,000 troops)

31 - 1945 - World War II - U.S. Army troops are landed at Masugbu, south of the entrance to Manila Bay, Luzon, Philippines, by the naval attack group. The 11th Airborne Division lands on Luzon south of Manila


United States Army Pacific postures and prepares Army forces, sustains and protects those forces in the theater, sets the theater, support the development of an integrated multi-domain Joint force, and builds military relationships that strengthen alliances and develop partner defense capacity in order to promote a free and open Indo-Pacific.

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