1 - 1945 - Marines and Army forces land on Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands.

1 - 1946 - Japan has first free elections - 75% of eligible voters, including 14 million women cast their ballots and elect Prime Minister Yoshida.

1 - 2002 - The 25th Infantry Division (ID) takes command of the 11th Stabilization Force (SFOR) rotation in Bosnia-Herzegovina. More than 1,000 division soldiers serve as part of the multinational team consisting of more than 4,500 soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and civilians from 14 different countries conducting peacekeeping operations in support of Operation Joint Forge. During the deployment, they execute the first "Active Harvest" door-to-door weapons collection program.

2 - 1942 - final Japanese offensive in the Philippines breaks through in two days 

3 - 1941 - FDR orders transfer from Pacific to Atlantic of three battleships, one carrier, and four cruisers due to emerging Europe-first strategy, requiring the ships for Lend-Lease convoys

5 - 1942 - Lorengau, Manus Island, in the Admiralty Islands, is occupied by the Japanese.

9 - 1942 - King surrendered U.S.-Filipino forces on Bataan, Philippines, to the Japanese against MacArthur's orders. About 2000 escaped in small boats, but 78,000 (66,000 Filipinos and 12,000 U.S.) surrendered, the largest U.S. army ever to surrender

9 - 1945 - Army troops land on Jolo in the Sulu Archipelago, Philippines.

10 - 1941 - Yamamoto forms First Air Fleet of 4 carriers, 200 planes

10 - 1942 - Japanese land on Cebu, Philippines.

10 - 1945 - Army troops land on Tsuken Shima, off east coast of Okinawa.

11 - 1951 - Truman fires MacArthur for speaking in public about using Nationalist Chinese troops in Korea - map

13 - 1941 - Russo-Japanese Non-Aggression Pact signed. It permits neutral shipping to use Vladivostok

15 - 1907 - Initial construction completed at Fort Shafter, Hawaii.

15 - 1945 - Army troops land on Carabao Island at the entrance to Manila Bay, Luzon, Philippines.

15 - 2004 - A ceremony marking the Transfer of Authority from the 10th Mountain Division to the 25th Infantry Division (Light), is held at Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan. The 25th Infantry Division Headquarters, Division Artillery Headquarters, the Aviation Brigade, Support Brigade and the 3rd Brigade Combat Team deployed to Afghanistan earlier in the month for a one-year tour of duty. During operations Lightning Resolve and Lightning Freedom, division units supported democratic elections in Afghanistan, the first ever in the history of that country.

16 - 1945 - Army forces land on Ie Shima, Ryukyu Islands.

17 - 1945 - Army forces are landed near Malabang, Parang, and Cotabato on Mindanao, Philippines, by naval attack group.

17 - 1998 - The 1st Brigade, 6th Infantry Division (Light) is redesignated as the 172d Infantry Brigade. 

18 - 1899 - First Regular Army units arrive (Batteries A, I, K, and N of the 6th Artillery) in Hawaii and go into temporary encampment at Camp McKinley, located at present-day Kapiolani Park.

18 - 1942 - Doolittle Raid. Doolittle led 16 Army B-25 bombers from the USS Hornet - 650 miles east of Tokyo. Following the successful mission, five pilots ended up in Russia, eight captured by Japanese occupation troops in China, and one later died in prison. The Raid takes the war to Japan and boosts American morale.

18 - 1943 - Admiral Yamamoto, Commander in Chief Japanese Combined Fleet, is killed when his aircraft if shot down by Army aircraft.

20 - 1945 - Army troops land on Catanduanes Island, Philippines.

21 - 1941 - FDR rescinds April 3 fleet transfer order of ships from Pacific to Atlantic, but re-ordered in May except cruisers

22 - 1944 - Army forces land at Aitape, Tanahmerah Bay, and Humboldt Bay in New Guinea. 

29 - 1941 - Germany learns of Magic and tells Japan but warning is ignored

29 - 1942 - Japanese land on and seize Parang and Cotabato, Mindanao, Philippines.


United States Army Pacific postures and prepares Army forces, sustains and protects those forces in the theater, sets the theater, support the development of an integrated multi-domain Joint force, and builds military relationships that strengthen alliances and develop partner defense capacity in order to promote a free and open Indo-Pacific.


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