History of Fort Shafter, Hawaii

Palm Circle, Fort Shafter, Hawaii (circa 1913)
Palm Circle, Fort Shafter, Hawaii (circa 1913)

Were you ever stationed at Fort Shafter? Do you have any family members stationed or that lived at Fort Shafter? As we commemorate the Centennial of this historic Army post, we are seeking stories or photos about Fort Shafter.

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Fort Shafter, Hawaii - Once upon a time (video)
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This video consists of a compilation of old photographs of Fort Shafter, Hawaii. The base was established in 1907 and continues to operate today as the location of U.S. Army Pacific's headquarters. These photographs were acquired from various sources, restored and reprinted before they were incorporated into this video. Many of the buildings depicted in the photographs are long gone, however, many still exist, and amazingly look much as they did in the old photographs.

Fort Shafter marks century of service in Hawaii
  Fort Shafter, Hawaii

2005 marked the centennial of Fort Shafter as a strategic outpost for America's Army in the Pacific. Today, the oldest military post in Hawaii also stands in the forefront of the Army's transformation...

Fort Shafter: A Short History
Army command post since 1907.

Fort Shafter Tour
A historic tour

U.S. Army Pacific (USARPAC): A Short History
The first US soldiers deployed to the region in August 1898.  We're still here.

Chronological listings and short biographies

Evolution of USARPAC and Major Subordinate Commands
Change is nothing new: A century of reorganizing, reflagging and realigning.

December 7, 1941 & the Hawaiian Department
Everyone knows about the US Navy that day.  What about the US Army?

The U.S. Army Pacific Insignia
What it represents..

Command Historian Blog
by Dave Hilkert

Military History: Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures (PDF)

Guidelines for U.S. Army Pacific Annual Historical Summaries (PDF)

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