Welcome to the Homepage of the United States Army Noncomissioned Officer Academy, Hawaii. RED CROSS MESSAGES: All red cross messages for Soldiers attending the NCO Academy must be directed to the Soldier's unit of assignment.

Sergeant William R. Jecelin NCO Academy Hawaii

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CSM Garner (Center, NCOAH Commandant) holds a luncheon receiving feedback from the students on their first week in Basic Leader Course.
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SSG Morales (Left, NCOAH Facilitator) is providing recommendation to a student in regards to their career progression.
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SSG Vannatter (NCOAH Facilitator) listens on as a student asks a question about the lesson.
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On Day 8 of the Course, students were evaluated on their ability to conduct Physical Readiness Training in accordance with FM 7-22.

NCOAH Mission

The NCOAH is committed to providing exceptional and demanding instruction through academic and performance based training that develops agile and adaptive leaders.

At end-state, the next generation NCOs are instilled with the skills, knowledge, professionalism, resiliency and physical attributes required to face the challenges of an increasingly complex environment.