Commander and Mission

LTC Dale Terrill
CSM Jared R. Geleney
Command Sergeant Major


2-196th Infantry Battalion advises and assists the Alaska Army National Guard and US Army Reserves in planning and executing pre-mobilization training to meet US Army, FORSCOM, and USARPAC training objectives.

On order, provide:

The Defense Coordinating Officer and Element (DCO and DCE) for operations requiring Military Support to Civil Authorities (MSCA) in Alaska or the mobilization and/or demobilization assistance teams (MAT/DMAT) to support the mobilization and/or demobilization of RC units from throughout the United States Army, Pacifc Area Of Responsibilty.

2nd Battalion Phone Numbers

Commercial: (907) 384-1125
DSN: (317) 384-1125

General Information

Welcome to the 2nd Battalion, 196th Infantry Brigade. We are the Training Support Battalion (TSB) for the State of Alaska. The Officers and NCOs would like to welcome you and your family to the Charger Brigade. We are confident that you will find your impending assignment both challenging and professionally rewarding. The TSB is a high-profile organization formed entirely of officers and NCOs. Our primary mission is to coach, teach, mentor, assist, and evaluate small unit (squad and platoon level) training for the Army National Guard and Army Reserve located in the State of Alaska. The experience you bring will contribute significantly to the accomplishment of the missions of your assigned Army Reserve and/or National Guard units. Like others befor you, you can take pride in knowing that we train units to fight and win on the battlefield.

In addition to providing quality mentoring and training to the Army National Guard and Army Reserve units in our area of responsibility, the battalion is also responsible for military assistance to civil authorities and mobilization support for Reserve Component units.

The Battalion Headquarters is located at Camp Denali on Fort Richardson in Anchorage, Alaska. The following are a few websites that may answer some, maybe all, of your questions.


Military Preparation for Assignment

It is highly recommended that you complete the Reserve Orientation Course for Active Army (ROCAA) on the Army Correspondence Course online, available HERE. The course number is 921 D0203 and the module is RO1001. Click on the COURSE button, and select “921-Army Readiness Reserve Training Center” from the drop-down list. In addition, become familiar with FORSCOM Regulations 350-2, 350-4 and 220-2 available on the FORSCOM homepage.


Most of the actions you will take to prepare for moving to Alaska will follow the same pattern that you’ve followed throughout your military career. There are, however, a few differences so we encourage you to read through the next few pages so you remain informed. Your sponsor will be assigned by the Battalion S-1. Our goal is to take care of you from the time you begin your transition process to the time you PCS from Alaska. If you have any questions on the process your first point of contact is your sponsor. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Battalion Personnel Services NCO or Brigade S1 Personnel actions. They will make sure you get the assistance you need. When you receive orders to the unit, the Battalion S1 will immediately assign you a sponsor to assist in making your transition to the battalion as smooth as possible. If you are coming to the battalion and do not know who your sponsors are, contact the Battalion S1 at (907) 428-6353, (DSN 317-428-6353), or the Brigade S1 at (907) 438-0127, (DSN 317-438-0127) so that we can get you and your sponsor in contact with one another as soon as possible.

There are many things to prepare for when being assigned to Alaska. You are likely to have many questions about schools, pet quarantine, vehicle shipment, transitional housing, and much more. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance from your sponsor or the chain of command.

The following information is provided to help you find answers to questions on a diverse number of subjects. It is a starting point for you and your family to explore your interests and requirements.

  • Fort Richardson Lodging: (907) 384-5660
  • Welcome Center/Replacement: (907) 384-0425
  • Housing: (907) 384-6000
  • Finance In/Out Processing: (907) 384-0310
  • Transportation Office: (907) 384-1814
  • JPPSO, Inbound Household Goods: (907) 552-2208/2209

Housing Information

Housing is sometimes difficult to find. We all go through the hassles of finding a suitable place to live. However, you're taking an important first step here. You might want to print this information for future reference.

Once you've arrived, with or without your family, and after you've signed in, the choice of living on or off post is your next issue. With the cost of living off post and the impact that snow storms have on Alask’s power, water, and other infrastructure, you may want to live on base. Housing availability is based on a number of factors, such as your rank, family size, and when you were placed on the housing waiting list. Even if you plan on getting quarters off base it is a good idea to get your name put on the housing list just in case you cannot find a suitable place. Further detailed information can be found by logging onto the SITES website at. Your sponsor will be able to give you a lot of good information about housing.

Household Goods

As soon as you've found a place to live, either on-base or off-base, you are going to want to claim your household goods. Be aware that your hold baggage will arrive earlier. Note: If you are planning on staying on post, you will not need to bring a washer/dryer. The amount of time it takes for you household goods to arrive varies.

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