Summer Safety Message

LTG Benjamin R. Mixon
Commanding General
U.S. Army, Pacific

As I travel throughout our USARPAC theater of operations, I am proud of our team’s accomplishments and look forward to always bringing our troops home safely. One of the most important subjects affecting all Soldiers in today’s demanding high op-tempo combat environment is SAFETY.

All leaders in USARPAC must understand the importance of using innovative and continuous means to reinforce safety awareness and Composite Risk Management in everything our Soldiers do…both on- and off-duty. Leaders are charged with implementing the USARPAC Safety Campaign by applying the “Every Soldier Is a Safety Officer” or ESSO Program.

This includes providing special emphasis to safety through “Under the Oak Tree” counseling. With this counseling, first-line leaders gain a verbal contract with their subordinates before weekends, holidays, passes, leaves and other identified periods of high risk. Soldiers will follow those procedures that leaders outline.

We cannot afford the temporary or permanent loss of even one Soldier…Not One! Leaders must consistently follow the Army’s Safety program, everyday, to protect Soldiers, even if it is from themselves. Every assigned mission involves Composite Risk Management. Therefore, reducing preventable accidents throughout our formations is fundamental to protecting our combat readiness.

Leaders must understand the impact of inexperience on their formations and that to overcome it will require education, training, direct leadership, and enforcement of standards. The Combat Readiness Center and USARPAC Safety Office Web sites offer valuable tools to drive our culture change and reduce risk. I hold myself and leaders, at all levels, accountable for meeting this challenge.

I want every Soldier in the USARPAC Command to be successful, both during your service to your country and after you leave it. It is a privilege and honor to serve in the U.S. Army.

We have chosen to serve the nation in a high risk profession. To achieve success on the battlefield, we must conduct dangerous training, which means we must be doubly vigilant to avoid “training dangerously.”

As USARPAC Commander, let me emphasize that indeed, “Every Soldier is a Safety Officer.” Disciplined leadership prevents accidents; likewise, an accident-prone organization reflects a lack of disciplined leadership.

USARPAC Soldiers have a long and proud history of service to our Nation. There is no more noble service to your country than the service you perform today, during these especially challenging times. Let us continue to complete our missions near and far with pride, and always return home safely.

One Team!



One Team Safety - Leverage technology and best practices to synchronize safety programs throughout the theater while providing commanders with the most current safety references, resources, and reach-back capabilities to reduce accidents and improve safety.


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