Information Highlights of America's Theater Army in the Asia-Pacific
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October 2012 - MDA Missile Test
"Hooah Sir! Well done, thanks for what you and the PAO team are doing to inform our Army and sister services on what we do as a team throughout the Theater."
Command Sgt. Maj. Frank M. Leota
U.S. Army, Pacific

Additional November Highlights
* Orient Shield 2012
* Married to the Army: Alaska
* Pacific Expert Field Medical Badge

China and US military in joint disaster exercise China, US conclude post-earthquake simulation drill Click to view the storyboard Click to view the storyboard
PLA Military Exercises In Chengdu Click to view the pictures US and Chinese militaries hold disaster-relief simulation as trust-building exercise
Chinese, U.S. soldiers complete disaster relief drill amid Asia tensions
PLA Military Exercises In Chengdu US, China militaries hold exercise to build trust Isle GIs train for disaster relief with Chinese troops in Beijing Senior Chinese Army Officer to Visit US
Hawaii soldiers participate in disaster exercise with Chinese army China says considering attending U.S.-hosted military exercise 77208 Earthquake Response Team  

November 2012 - Orient Shield 2012