Information Highlights of America's Theater Army in the Asia-Pacific
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March 2013 - Foal Eagle 2013
US, S. Korea Launch “Key Resolve” Maneuvers, N. Korea Voids Armistice Treaties More than 3,000 U.S. participants from the Republic of Korea and the United States are taking part in Key Resolve 2013, an annual combined and joint command post exercise designed to increase Alliance readiness, protect the region, and maintain stability on the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea Nullifies Armistice, Key Resolve Kicks Off Eighth Army maintains readiness with Key Resolve, Foal Eagle Key Resolve: United States and South Korea hold joint military exercise, as usual Exercise Facebook Page
Challenges to inter-Korean relationship ROK JCS, CFC announce end of Key Resolve 2013 Nevada Guardsmen demonstrate skill during Key Resolve Key Resolve Profile of the Day: Staff Sgt. Robert Merritt
Key Resolve 2013 begins Key Resolve Highlights U.S., ROK Cooperation US-South Korea Joint Military Exercise 'Key Resolve' Starts Amid North Korea Threat U.S. and South Korean Forces Launch 'Key Resolve'
US-South Korea ‘Key Resolve’ drills begin, more than 13,000 soldiers take part