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November 2012 -  Pacific Expert Field Medical Badge
Click to go to Senator Inouye's Official website The late Sen. Daniel K. Inouye was remembered during a memorial service at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific on Dec. 23, 2012.

Additional December Highlights
* Pacific Commitment
* Yama Sakura 63
* America-Korea Friendship Holiday Concert

December 2012 - Pacific Commitment
The Army in the Pacific has much to be grateful of Senator Inouye who recognized the need for a strong military presence in the Asia Pacific region, and worked diligently to ensure we are never again vulnerable in this part of the world. As a Soldier himself, one who not only fought an enemy on the battlefield but racial prejudices at home, one who was awarded this nation's highest honor for valor, one who embodied the duty, honor, and country values we instill in today's Soldiers, Sen. Inouye understood the sacrifices men, women and their families made in service this of great nation and tirelessly worked on their behalf. May his enduring service to the United States Army, citizens of Hawaii, and this Nation serve as an inspiration for generations to come.
  Lt. Gen. Francis J. Wiercinski
Commanding General
U.S. Army Pacific

Dozens rehearse for Inouye funeral services at Punchbowl Sen. Daniel Inouye gets hero's farewell at Hawaii funeral Final farewell to Senator Inouye at National Cemetery of Pacific Veterans celebrate Inouye's life in military sendoff
Presentation of U.S. flags at Inouye's memorial Senators attend Inouye funeral in Hawaii Daniel Inouye 'was the best senator among us allí Click to view photos
Tearful Barack Obama and Michelle attend emotional Hawaiian memorial service for 'fearless and noble' Senator Inouye - who inspired the President as a boy Memorial service for Sen. Inouye held in Hawaii Lawmakers, Obama honor Inouye at Hawaii memorial service Flyover at Sen. Inouye's funeral happening soon, if not now.
Large turnout expected for Inouye's memorial service Daniel Inouye Funeral Sen. Inouye's arrival at Punchbowl, 19-gun salute Joint Armed Forces carry Sen. Inouye's casket
Adm. Locklear speaks at Inouye's Punchbowl service Sen. Akaka speaks at Inouye's Punchbowl service Brig. Gen. Hirai speaks at Inouye's Punchbowl service Sen. Reid speaks at Inouye's Punchbowl service
Inouye's chief of staff speaks at his Punchbowl service Public attends Senator Inouye's service Senator Inouye's impact on lawmakers, leaders