Evolution of US Army, Pacific and Major Subordinate Commands

  1. Origins to 1957: Today US Army, Pacific (USARPAC) commands most Army forces in the Asia-Pacific region, except for Korea.  The command can trace its lineage to 1910 and has continually evolved to meet mission requirements.

    25 Oct '10
    District of Hawaii
    1 Oct '11
    Department of Hawaii
    15 Feb '13
    Hawaiian Department
    14 Aug '43
    US Army Forces, Central Pacific Area
    1 Aug '44
    US Army Forces, Pacific Ocean Areas
    1 Jul '45
    US Army Forces, Middle Pacific
    1 Feb '47
    US Army, Pacific

  2. Post-Korean War to Post-Vietnam War:  The Far East Command (located in Tokyo) was inactivated in 1957 and was replaced by a new unified command, US Pacific Command (USPACOM).  The Army established USARPAC as a component of USPACOM to command all Army forces in the region.  This command lasted until 1974 after the American withdrawal from Vietnam.

    1 Jul '57
    USARPAC reorganized as component
    of USPACOM
    1 Jul '73
    FORSCOM established
    31 Dec '74
    USARPAC inactivated, Eighth Army and US Army, Japan became major commands
    1 Jan '75
    US Army CINCPAC Support Group (USACSG) formed as Department of the Army Field Operating Agency, US Army Support Command Hawaii assigned to FORSCOM

  3. WESTCOM to USARPAC:  Beginning in 1977 Army leaders developed a long-range plan called Project Pacific Phoenix to rebuild USARPAC.  This was implemented in the 1980s and early 1990s, except for the inclusion of Eighth Army.

    23 Mar '79
    US Army Western Command (WESTCOM) established as major command for Hawaii
    1 Oct '89
    WESTCOM gains Army forces in Alaska
    30 Aug '90
    WESTCOM gains Army forces in Japan Redesignated US Army, Pacific (USARPAC)
    1 Oct '00
    Reorganized as Army service component command
    Oct '02
    Pacific Region Office, Installation Management Agency, activated

  4. 25th Infantry Division (Light) & US Army, Hawaii:  The control of Army forces and installations in Hawaii has reflected the evolving Army command structure in the Pacific.

    Mar '72
    25th Infantry Division reactivated at Schofield Barracks
    1 Jan '73
    US Army Support Command, Hawaii (USASCH) activated
    31 Dec '74
    USARPAC inactivated, assets go to USASCH, USASCH assigned to FORSCOM
    23 Mar '79
    WESTCOM activated, takes command of USASCH
    1 Mar '92
    25th ID(L) & USARHAW formed from 25th ID(L), USASCH, Law Enforcement Command, and 45th Support Group
    6 Jan '94
    USASCH redesignated US Army Garrison, Hawaii (USAG-HI)
    Oct '02
    US Army Garrison, Hawaii reassigned to Pacific Region Office, Installation Management Agency

  5. US Army, Alaska: Since the 1970s US Army, Alaska (USARAK) has been under several command arrangements, depending on whether the forces in Alaska are assigned to a continental US headquarters or to PACOM.  USARAK is currently assigned to US Alaskan Command.

    1 Jul '74
    US Army, Alaska (USARAL) deactivated,
    forces assigned to FORSCOM
    30 Jun '75
    Alaskan Command disestablished
    23 Mar '86
    172d Infantry Brigade becomes 6th Infantry Division (Light), US Army, Alaska (USARAK) established
    7 Jul '89
    US Alaskan Command (ALCOM) established as
    sub-unified command under PACOM
    late 80s?
    US Army Garrison, Alaska established
    1 Oct '89
    6 Jul '94
    6th ID(L) inactivated, leaves only 1st Bde
    17 Apr '98
    1st Bde, 6th ID(L) redesignated as
    172d Infantry Bde
    Oct '02
    US Army Garrison, Alaska reassigned to Pacific Region Office, Installation Management Agency

  6. US Army, Japan: US Army, Japan has reorganized several times since the 1970s.  9th TSC & USARJ is currently assigned to US Forces, Japan.

    30 Jun '72
    IX Corps moves from Okinawa to Camp Zama, combines with US Army, Japan (USARJ)
    1 Jan '75
    USARJ/IX Corps designated as MACOM
    30 Aug '90
    USARJ/IX Corps assigned to USARPAC, loses MACOM status
    1 Nov '94
    9th Theater Army Area Command (TAACOM) activated, combines with USARJ
    15 Nov '95
    IX Corps inactivated
    14 Oct '99
    9th TAACOM and 310th Theater Support Command (TSC) merge to form 9th Theater Support Command (TSC), combines with USARJ
    Oct '02
    US Army Garrison, Japan activated under Pacific Region Office, Installation Management Agency

14 April 2004


USARPAC postures and prepares the force for unified land operations, responds to threats, sustains and protects the force, and builds military relationships that develop partner defense capacity in order to contribute to a stable and secure U.S. Pacific Command area of responsibility.


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Vincent K. Brooks

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