Lieutenant Col. Homer W. Wheeler

John W. Heard

Lieutenant Col. Homer W. Wheeler commanded the District of Hawaii from 1910-1911. Born in Vermont in 1848, Wheeler went to a business college in New York before moving to Kansas in 1868. He took several trips on the Great Plains with famed scouts Will Comstock, William "Buffalo Bill" Cody, and William "Wild Bill" Hickock. Wheeler later became a civilian volunteer on Army scouting expeditions out of Fort Wallace. He went on In 1875 he took part in the Sappa Creek fight where he was recognized for gallantry and recommended for appointment as second lieutenant. 

Wheeler went on to serve at various posts throughout the West, including Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming, where he participated in campaigns against the Indians. During the Spanish-American War he served in Puerto Rico. Before his Hawaiian command he also served in the Philippines from 1902-1904 and in Cuba from 1906-1909.

Wheeler became a colonel in March 1911 and retired Los Angeles, California, that September. He wrote The Frontier Trail in 1923 and Buffalo Days in 1925. He died on 11 April 1930. 



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