Col. Walter S. Schuyler

Walter S. Schuyler

Col. Walter S. Schuyler was the first Commander of the US Army, Pacific, then called the Military District of Hawaii, from 1909-1910. A veteran of the Spanish American War, he graduated from the US Military Academy in 1870. He was commissioned into the Cavalry.

Prior to the war, Schuyler fought in the Indian campaigns of Arizona, Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado. He then served as professor of military science at Cornell University. During the Spanish-American War he served in Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Philippines.

After the Spanish-American War Gen. Schuyler served as a military observer with the Russian army in Manchuria in 1904. From 1904-1906 he served on the General Staff of the US Army. After his Hawaiian command, the Army promoted him to brigadier general on 5 January 1911. He commanded an independent cavalry brigade in San Antonio before becoming the Commanding General for Fort Riley, Kansas from 1911-1912. His final command was that of the 8th Brigade before retiring in 1913. He died on 17 February 1932. 



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