Brig. Gen. Augustus P. Blocksom

Augustus P. Blocksom

Brig. Gen. Augustus P. Blocksom briefly commanded the US Army, Pacific (Hawaiian Department) during 1918 until his retirement on 7 November. A graduate of the US Military Academy in 1877, he participated in various Indian campaigns, the Spanish-American War, the Chinese Boxer rebellion, and the Philippine insurrection of 1900-1902.

Blocksom's Indian campaigns were against the Apaches in Arizona and the Sioux in South Dakota. In the Spanish-American War he was wounded in the assault on San Juan Hill. For the latter action and for his leadership of the 6th Cavalry Squadron against the Boxers he was awarded the silver star citation. Before his retirement in 1918, he received a promotion to major general. He died on 26 July 1931. 



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