S1 OIC: (808)438-1950
S1 NCOIC:(808)438-3508
S2 NCOIC: (808)438-3427
S3 OIC: (808)438-3271
S3 NCOIC: (808)438-3271
S4 OIC: (808)438-3618
S4 NCOIC: (808)438-3527
S6 NCOIC: (808)438-8325
BN SDNCO: (808)438-3522

For Inbound Personnel:

Please contact S1 OIC: (808)438-1950 or S1 NCOIC: (808)438-3508


HHBn ensures the readiness for the USARPAC Headquarters, Staff and all attached units in order to support the USARPAC Commanders Theatre Army Strategy for the Asia-Pacific. O/O, deploy and provide unit level command and control and sustainment support to deployed USARPAC elements while sustaining support to the Main Command Post (MCP) in garrison.


LTC Christopher B. Wells

LTC Christopher B. Wells