USARPAC chiefs of staff 1981 TO PRESENT

Deputy Chiefs of Staff
U.S. Army Western Command
COL David A. Hufnagel 1981-1984

Chiefs of Staff
U.S. Army Western Command
Col. Roy C. Price 1984-1987
Col. Frederic H. Stubbs 1987-1990

Deputy Chiefs of Staff
U.S. Army, Pacific
Col. Roger L. McElroy 1990-1991
Col. Richard L. St. John 1991-1992
Col. Joseph C. Windle 1992
Col. Jimmy P. Ashworth 1992-1993
Col. Frederick M. Wintrich 1993-1996

Chiefs of Staff
U.S. Army, Pacific
Col. Dean Kershaw 1996-1998
Col. Ronnie W. Tucker 1998-1999
Col. James T. Hirai 1999-2001
Col. David M. Shanahan 2001-2004
Col. John J. Kelly 2004-2006
Col. Richard C. Longo 2006-2007
Col. Jeffrey Jarkowsky 2007-2008
Col. A. Thomas Ball, Jr. 2008-2010
Col. Lewis F. Setliff 2010-2012
Col. Jack K. Pritchard 2012-2013
Maj. Gen. Todd B. McCaffrey 2014-2015


USARPAC postures and prepares the force for unified land operations, responds to threats, sustains and protects the force, and builds military relationships that develop partner defense capacity in order to contribute to a stable and secure U.S. Pacific Command area of responsibility.


General Vincent K. Brooks Commanding General

Vincent K. Brooks

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