Commanders, District of Hawaii
Col. Walter S. Schuyler 1910
Lt. Col. Homer W. Wheeler 1910-1911
Brig. Gen. Montgomery M. Macomb 1911

Commanders, Department of Hawaii
Brig. Gen. Montgomery M. Macomb 1911-1912
Col. George K. McGunnegle 1912-1913

Commanders, Hawaiian Department
Brig. Gen. Montgomery M. Macomb 1913
Brig. Gen. Frederick Funston 1913-1914
Brig. Gen. Montgomery M. Macomb 1914
Maj. Gen. William H. Carter 1914-1915
Brig. Gen. John P. Wisser 1915-1916
Brig. Gen. Robert K. Evans 1916
Brig. Gen. Fredrick S. Strong 1916-1917
Brig. Gen. Charles G. Treat 1917
Brig. Gen. John P. Wisser 1917
Brig. Gen. Augustus P. Blocksom 1918
Brig. Gen. John W. Heard 1918-1919
Maj. Gen. Henry C. Hodges, Jr. 1919
Col. Thomas Ridgway 1919
Maj. Gen. Charles G. Morton 1919-1921
Maj. Gen. Charles P. Summerall 1921-1924
Maj. Gen. Charles T. Menoher 1924-1925
Maj. Gen. Edward M. Lewis 1925-1927
Maj. Gen. William R. Smith 1927-1928
Maj. Gen. Fox Conner 1928-1930
Maj. Gen. Edwin G. Winans (Acting) 1930
Maj. Gen. William Lassiter 1930-1931
Maj. Gen. Briant H. Wells 1931-1934
Maj. Gen. Halstead Dorey (Acting) 1934-1935
Maj. Gen. Hugh A. Drum 1935-1937
Maj. Gen. Andrew Moses 1937-1938
Lt. Gen. Charles D. Herron 1938-1941
Lt. Gen. Walter C. Short 1941
Lt. Gen. Delos C. Emmons 1941-1943
Lt. Gen. Robert C. Richardson 1943-1945

Commanders, U.S. Army Forces, Middle Pacific
Lt. Gen. Robert C. Richardson 1945-1946
Maj. Gen. George F. Moore 1946
Lt. Gen. John E. Hull 1946-1947

Commanding Generals, U.S. Army, Pacific
Lt. Gen. John E. Hull 1947-1949
Maj. Gen. Floyd L. Parks 1949
Lt. Gen. Henry S. Aurand 1949-1952
Lt. Gen. John W. O'Daniel 1952-1954
Maj. Gen. Clark L. Ruffner 1954
Lt. Gen. Bruce C. Clarke 1954-1956
Maj. Gen. Herbert B. Powell 1956
Lt. Gen. Blackshear M. Bryan 1956-1957

Commanders-in-Chief, U.S. Army, Pacific
Gen. Isaac D. White 1957-1961
Gen. James F. Collins 1961-1964
Gen. John K. Waters 1964-1966
Gen. Dwight E. Beach 1966-1968
Gen. Ralph E. Haines, Jr. 1968-1970
Gen. William B. Rosson 1970-1973
Gen. Donald D. Bennett (Acting) 1973
Gen. Frederick C. Weyand 1973
Gen. Donald D. Bennett 1973-1974
Gen. Richard G. Stilwell (Acting) 1974

U.S. Army CINCPAC Support Group
Maj. Gen. Donnelly P. Bolton 1975
Maj. Gen. Thomas U. Greer 1975-1977
Maj. Gen. Herbert E. Wolff 1977-1979

U.S. Army Western Command
Maj. Gen. Herbert E. Wolff 1979-1981
Lt. Gen. Eugene P. Forrester 1981-1983
Lt. Gen. James E. Lee 1983-1985
Lt. Gen. Charles W. Bagnal 1985-1989
Lt. Gen. Claude M. Kicklighter 1989-1990

U.S. Army, Pacific
Lt. Gen. Claude M. Kicklighter 1990-1991
Lt. Gen. Johnnie H. Corns 1991-1993
Lt. Gen. Robert L. Ord, III 1993-1996
Maj. Gen. Stephen Silvasy, Jr. 1996
Lt. Gen. William M. Steele 1996-1998
Lt. Gen. Edwin P. Smith 1998-2002
Lt. Gen. James L. Campbell 2002-2004
Lt. Gen. John M. Brown, III 2004-2008
Lt. Gen. Benjamin R. Mixon 2008-2011
Lt. Gen. Francis J. Wiercinski 2011-2013
Gen. Vincent K. Brooks 2013-Present


USARPAC postures and prepares the force for unified land operations, responds to threats, sustains and protects the force, and builds military relationships that develop partner defense capacity in order to contribute to a stable and secure U.S. Pacific Command area of responsibility.


General Vincent K. Brooks Commanding General

Vincent K. Brooks

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