The Wings of Tiger Balm
By Spc. Erin J. Quirke 115th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

Waimanalo, Hawaii, July 17, 2012 They are the wings of the sky and are few and far between at the Regional Training Institute in Waimanalo, HI. The Oregon Air National Guard resources air assets, and play a vital roll in the protection of military resources as an embedded entity in the bilateral training exercise known as Tiger Balm.

Tiger Balm has been conducted over the last 10 years and is a military exercise between both the U.S. Army and the Singapore Armed Forces. Working to enhance the relationships between ground forces, the Air National Guard is expected to bring new aspects to the exercise.

"I'm trying to take as much as possible away from this experience, and so far it's been fun," said Lt. Lena Morrill, a staff weather officer with the 123rd Weather Flight and a staff weather officer at Tiger Balm.

Morrill also said that learning how everything works within an army brigade prepares her for deployed missions she may have in the future.

Tiger Balm trains personnel on how to counteract anything from terrorist attacks to civil disturbances. This year's addition of weather officers brings a lot to the fight.

"We train like we fight," said Lt. Col. Matt Doggett, weather flight commander of the 123rd Weather Flight and a staff weather officer for Tiger Balm. "This is the first time weather has been implemented into the Tiger Balm exercise and it's important to train on the resource protection that weather operations can provide. We can tell you what to prepare for and what to expect."

The air guard is small in number at Tiger Balm, but their efforts in assistance are no small task. With the addition of active weather alerts, the Tiger Balm exercise is taken to new heights with the help of the Oregon Air National Guard.