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What to expect while at the Basic Leader Course

From the time of your initial in processing to graduation day, you should expect to be treated like a Noncommissioned Officer, A leader of Soldiers. Understand that you have entered a formal institution of learning and you're first NCOES. Take pride in the fact that you are attending an Institution of Excellence. Study and memorize the Creed of the Noncommissioned Officer and the Soldiers Creed BEFORE you arrive.

Ensure that you are mentally prepared to work long hard hours. The Program of Instruction is designed to be mentally challenging and physically tough. Arrive at the NCO Academy IAW Army Regulation 600-9.

Be prepared to serve in numerous Leadership positions as called upon, (Remember that this is a Leadership course!) such as Student First Sergeant, Platoon Sergeant, Squad Leader or Team Leader.

You will be in charge of Inspections and Details such as: Barracks, Flag detail, Commandants detail, and academy maintenance.

Remember that you will teach in front of your peers and instructors. Give Physical Readiness Training to your squad, lead in Garrison, and during a Situational Training Exercise (STX). There will also be individual evaluations that you will need to pass.

NCOERS, Counseling, Army Leadership, After Action Review, Map reading and Combat orders are just of few examples of the training received by each Leader going through the course.

By having the right mental attitude, working hard and paying attention to detail, you will find your time at the NCO Academy Hawaii enjoyable and rewarding.

Train To Lead