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What to expect while dining in The Leader's Den

While dining in The Leader's Den, you can expect to be treated with dignity, respect, and customer service by the food service staff. The food prepared for you is designed to be healthy, restaurant quality subsistence that will boost your morale and give you the much needed energy to tackle the rest of your training day!

You will keep accountability using the Headcount Roster. Each NCO is expected to sign by their own Roster Number, and avoid signing for others. NCOs will be called into The Leader's Den in groups of five, and move from the main line through the salad bar in an efficient and orderly fashion.

Although we provide multiple types of foods, it will be your responsibility to manage your nutrition and diet in a way that is best for you. The Leader's Den uses a system called "Go For Green" which is posted around the facility, and there are Calorie Cards in front of each product on the serving lines to help you manage your own calorie and fat intake.

The food service staff at The Leader's Den is always available to help and serve you. If you have questions, just ask! There are comment cards located at the Headcount desk, we encourage all diners to leave comments or suggestions. Just drop your completed comment card off in the box near the exit of the facility. We can't wait to hear from you!

If you have any special dietary needs, you need to notify the Dining Facility (DFAC) manager 90 days prior to attending BLC. The DFAC manager will make every available effort to accommodate your dietary requirements.

Email: DFAC Manager.