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IT Requirements for Attending BLC

** The NCO Academy is no longer submitting requests for ANY domain accounts. **
For units that do not have access to Remedy Action Request System
submit your request directly to 30th SIG BN (see #5 below)

All Soldiers must ensure that they can log into the AP domain PRIOR TO ATTENDING BLC.

If you cannot log into the AP domain from your home unit, you will not be able to access the PLWN from the BLC Classrooms.

To be able to log into the PLWN, the following conditions must be met:

1. Have a valid Common Access Card (CAC) and PIN.

The CAC must not expire until 30 days AFTER scheduled graduation of the enrollment cycle, must have valid U.S. Government ID Certificates, the CAC PIN must not be blocked (entered PIN incorrectly three or more times), the CAC must be in suitable condition so it can be read by a CAC reader, and you must know your PIN.
If any of these conditions are not met, you will need to visit a soldier support center to have a new CAC issued or have your CAC PIN reset.

2. Digitally signed NIPR/PLWN System Authorization and Access Request (DD 2875).

The original electronic/digitally signed version (NOT a scanned copy) of the NIPR/PLWN SAAR (DD2875) is required for every AP Domain User Account. All sections must be completely and correctly filled. Part I pertains to the personnel requesting the AP domain account (i.e. the Service Member attending the NCO Academy). Part II pertains to the justification for the AP domain account and requires the signature from personnel’s supervisor, information owner / S6 / G6 and the Information Assurance Officer (IAO). Part III pertains to the security clearance of the requesting personnel and requires the signature of the personnel’s security officer / manager.

Example NIPR SAAR:

* Digtal Signatures are required as they include the Service Members EDIPI / DoD ID Number. With out the EDIPI /DoD ID Number the account cannot be created.

3. Registration with the Army Training & Certification Tracking System (ATCTS)

ATCTS allows Information Assurance Officers (IAO) and Information Assurance Managers (IAM) to verify that personnel have completed their Annual Information Assurance training and can be accessed at the following link:

To verify the personnel has an ATCTS account, a screen shot showing the individual is registered with ATCTS will be required.
Example Screen Shot

3. Digitally signed Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

The Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) requires user consent / signature and is a guideline of use of DoD Information Systems. The AUP that should be submitted can be located on the ATCTS site under the 'Documents' link on the left side navigation menu.

ATCTS Documents link:

4. Complete the Annual DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge Training and Exam

The Annual DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge Training and Exam is a yearly IA requirement for new and continuous user access to the NIPR AP domain. The Annual DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge Training and Exam can be accessed at the following IA Training site:

Example Certificate

5. Unit S6 / IMO / BSO submits packet for account creation

The complete packet must be submitted through the Remedy Action Request System by the Service Member’s S6 / G6. Once the Remedy ticket is accepted and processed, an account will be created for the Service Member. Once the account is created, the Service Member should be able to log on (within 7 days of account creation) to any networked information system connected to the NIPR AP domain.

For MEDCOM, MI, and units without access to the Remedy Action Request System:
All required documents can be sent directly to 30 SIG BN requesting the account. All documents need to be complete and correct. NIPR SAAR (DD2875) and AUP need to be digital documnets with digital signatures to be accepted. Block 21 of the NIPR SAAR (DD2875), information owner, should be blank. Documents can be sent to the following email address:

USARMY Wheeler AAF 516 Sig Bde List 30 SIG BN Service Desk
Email Address: usarmy.wheeler.516-sig-bde.list.30-sig-bn-service-desk@mail.mil

30th Sig Bn Service Desk phone: 808-655-2200

If you can log into the PLWN from your home unit, you should be able access the PLWN from the BLC classrooms.

*** All personnel attending BLC must include copies of all the
above requirements along with their PEC on day 0 enrollment ***