Family Readiness Support Assistant
Family Readiness Assistance Program (FRSA)
The Family Readiness Support Assistant is here to assist the FRG Leaders of the 516th Signal Brigade and their FRG Programs.
516th FRSA: Cynthia Allen Hoskins
307th ESB
177 Andrade Road, Room #A110
Helemano Military Reservation, HI 96786
What can your FRSA do for you???
  1. Attends FRG Meetings to gather and update Family information.
  2. Attends Command and Staff Meetings.
  3. Attends Steering Committee Meetings.
  4. Researches and provides assistance to FRGs in utilizing Army and Community Services.
  5. Finds and retains locations and scheduling FRG meetings.
  6. Understands and provides assistance in understanding the SOP for FRG fund audits.
  7. Gathers and updates contact information for in processing Soldiers regarding incoming Family Members.
  8. Understands, gathers, and provides required info for Volunteer recognition.
  9. Submits monthly volunteer hours to the VTS/VMIS system.
  10. Understands regulations and be resource to FRG regarding fundraising.
  11. Provides guidance to FRG leader in obtaining Employer Identification Numbers (EIN) for banking purposes.
  12. Coordinates Child Care for Deployment Briefings and FRG meetings.
  13. Schedules training for existing and incoming FRG Leaders, POC/Key Callers, Treasurer and other volunteer positions within the unit/organization.
  14. Attends Newcomers Briefings to obtain information on new Soldiers and Family Members to pass onto FRG Leaders.
  15. Generates and maintains binders for Squadron Rear Detachment Commanders that contain Appointment letters, Op Ready FRG Guidelines, Banking/Account information, Point of Contacts, FRG leaders, Volunteers job descriptions etc.
  16. Assists Family Members in contacting their respective FRG leaders.
  17. Schedules and Coordinates guest speakers for FRG Meetings.
  18. Creates, updates, and maintains phone rosters.
  19. Provides newsletter templates for volunteers.
  20. Provides any administrative assistance to FRG Leader as needed i.e. make copies, write and mail FRG communication.
  21. Helps develop and distribute unit newsletters, announcements and flyers.
  22. Identifies POCs and obtains information on community resources.
  23. Provides referral to community agencies such as ACS, Chaplain, and Social Work Services.
  24. Assists Commander with establishment and maintenance of the squadrons virtual FRG (vFRG).
What your FRSA cannot do for you:
  1. Duplicate or overlap existing resources in the military community, (ex. AFTB).
  2. Duplicate the roles and responsibilities of the volunteer FRG Leader- FRSA positions will NOT serve as, or replace FRG Leaders.
  3. Have personal involvement in fundraising activities (coordination is permissible).
  4. Be involved with casualty notification or direct support of affected families.
  5. Be personally involved in CARE Teams (team coordination and roster maintenance is permissible).
  6. Suicide prevention activities-this responsibility belongs to the Chaplain. FRSA’s will refer, as necessary, and report to the Commander, as required.
  7. Teach Family Readiness Group Training or any other training currently provided by the existing community agencies.
  8. Serve as the subject matter expert (SME) for installation/Army Family Readiness.
  9. Maintain personal calendars for Commanders, Senior Spouses, or FRG Leaders.
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