About Us
Headquartered on Palm Circle, Fort Shafter, Hawaii, the 516th Signal Brigade is a forward based major subordinate operations and maintenance command of the 311th Signal Command. The Brigade supports the United States Army Pacific (USARPAC). The Brigade has four signal battalions, located in Alaska, Hawaii, mainland Japan, and Okinawa, Japan. The 311th and Brigade family are affectionately known throughout the Pacific Theater as "Team Signal." The 516th Signal Brigade's motto is "Voice of the Pacific".
The 516th's motto -- Voice of the Pacific -- reflects its mission: "Conduct strategic and expeditionary network operations for the LandWarNet to enable mission command by providing assured enterprise services to operational forces during Joint and Unified Land Operations."
The Brigade's vision is, "To be the Army’s Premier Team of Trusted Professionals, who extends innovative Cyber network solutions to enable mission command across the globe."
The Brigade has four subordinate commands to help accomplish its missions throughout the 105 million square miles of the Pacific Theater: the forward based 30th Signal Battalion in Hawaii and 59th Signal Battalion in Alaska, the forward stationed 78th Signal Battalion in Okinawa and Honshu, Japan, and the tactical 307th Integrated Theater Signal Battalion in Hawaii and Alaska. (See their individual Home Pages).
The insignia consists of an orange rectangular field with a white border. On the field in white are two diagonally crossed lightening bolts superimposed by a stylized black South Pacific spear issuing from the field.
Orange and white are the colors associated with the Signal Corps. Black represents strength, solidity, and twenty-four hour military preparedness. The crossed lightening flashes are indicative of communications and electronics; they are crossed to symbolize strength. The flashes form two arrowheads pointing inwards, suggesting the processing of signal communications. The spear reflects the fighting aspect, suggesting the unit's aggressiveness and the heritage and home location.