As the designated Signal command for the Army Service Component Commands within the Pacific and Korean theaters, the 311th Signal Command combines the strengths of more than 3000 active-duty Soldiers, U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers and Army Civilians to bring expertise, experience and commitment to meet the Army's communications mission in the Pacific. Headquartered at Fort Shafter, Hawaii, the 311th SC and its subordinate units are stationed across 16 time zones, ranging from Alaska to Korea, and from Hawaii to California.

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In addition to providing support for USARPAC missions with critical planning and execution of signal support, the 311th SC makes continual improvements to the PLWN to remain ahead of and prepared to support the transformation efforts of USARPAC’s Major Subordinate Commands (MSCs) and its sister Theater Enabling Commands (TECs).

The 311th Signal Command also supports the Army Network Enterprise vision through its alignment with NETCOM’s Global Network Enterprise objectives. Through this administrative command relationship, the 311th Signal Command ensures that the Army CIO/G6 and NETCOM’s Army enterprise network standards are supported and implemented throughout the Pacific theater in order to establish a single global Army network enterprise.




The Phoenix arising from the flame represents rebirth and is indictive of a new command. The orange demi-globe symbolizes the worldwide capabilities of the organization. The blue background alludes to the sky and the transmission of voice, picture, and data via satellite. The shoulder sleeve patch was approved on March 22, 1996.




Orange and white (silver) are the colors used for Signal organizations. The arrowhead represents combat readiness and points to the sky, symbolizing the transmission of data via satellite. The globe symbolizes the worldwide capabilities of the organization. The motto highlights the unit's mission as the theater's communication link. The distinctive unit insignia was approved on March 22, 1996.



311th Signal Command (Theater) plans, builds, operates, defends, and extends Army and Joint networks throughout the Pacific Theater to enable mission command for full spectrum, JIIM operations across all Joint operational phases. As directed, supports cyberspace operations to ensure US/Allied freedom of action in cyberspace and to deny the same to our adversaries.


MG Lawrence Brock III

MG Lawrence Brock III