An oblong blue shield arched at both ends, 3" in height and 2" in width. A yellow double headed match crossed and looped at the bottom and enflamed at both ends. Blue is associated with the infantry. Yellow and red allude to the cavalry and artillery. The double headed match used during the days of the match lock musket, was lighted at both ends to ensure readiness.


A silver colored metal and enamel device 1-1/8" in width, consisting of a blue power horn with a red string looped about a yellow vertical arrow, the arrowhead on the center fold of a silver scroll arched from the ends of the powder horn simulating a bow, between the motto "Ahead Of The Rest". The powder horn, an American symbol for readiness of a rifleman, is used to denote the organization's preparedness. The arrow and the bow-like scroll refer to the bow and arrow seal of Massachusetts where the Brigade once served. The colors are basic combat arms of an airstrike brigade; Blue for infantry; red for artillery; and yellow for armor.



196th Infantry Brigade trains and validates all US Army, Pacific assigned Army National Guard and US Army Reserve forces in accordance with FORSCOM and USARPAC Training Guidance in order to ensure units are fully prepared to deploy in support of Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) and other operations as directed.


Col. Scott Mitchell

COL Scott Mitchell


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