BDE CDR: 438-3705
BDE CSM: 438-3687
HHC CDR: 438-0020
HHC 1SG: 438-0022
S1 OIC: 438-0124
S1 NCOIC: 438-0125
S2 NCOIC: 438-0162
S3 OIC: 438-3702
S3 NCOIC: 438-0260
S4 OIC: 438-0120
S4 NCOIC: 438-0262
PBO: 438-0037
S6 OIC: 438-0228
S6 NCOIC: 438-0243
IMO: 438-0247
S8 PRI: 438-0249
S8 ALT: 438-0252

For Inbound Personnel:

Please contact S1 OIC: 438-0124 or S1 NCOIC: 438-0125


196th Infantry Brigade trains and validates all US Army, Pacific assigned Army National Guard and US Army Reserve forces in accordance with FORSCOM and USARPAC Training Guidance in order to ensure units are fully prepared to deploy in support of Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) and other operations as directed.


Col. Scott Mitchell

COL Scott Mitchell


 1st Battalion
 2nd Battalion
 3rd Battalion
 Support Battalion